Momoiro Clover Z – Pledge of Z Digital Release

Momoiro Clover Z – Pledge of Z_artist photo

Gan-Shin Records will release the official OST for the fifteenth Dragon Ball Z movie Fukkatsu no ‘F’ (Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’) and a special edition of Momoiro Clover Z’s single “Z no Chikai (Pledge of “Z”)” the official theme song of the movie.
The movie Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no ‘F’ was released in theaters in Japan on April 18th 2015 in both 2D and 3D formats and the English dub version of the film will have a limited premiere across North American theaters August 4-12, 2015. Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no ‘F’ is set to premier in 70 different countries. Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no ‘F’ is an addition to the whole Dragon Ball Z universe, it’s beginning was additionally adapted into a manga, taking up three chapters.
The famous and beloved Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z was in charge of the main theme, the song is called “Pledge of Z” (“Z no Chikai”). Momoiro Clover Z’s members also perform in the movie by voice-acting the “angels from hell” that reside where Son Goku’s enemy Frieza has been imprisoned.
Gan-Shin Records will release the OST for Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no ‘F’ OST and an exclusive edition of the single “Pledge of Z” by Momoiro Clover Z ( 5 songs including the exclusive song “Pledge of Z”). Both will be available on August 4th 2015 worldwide.

Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F (Resurrection F) OST_cover


1. Pledge of “Z”
2. Z no Chikai
3. Cha La Head Cha La
4. Z no Chikai Instrumental
5. CHA LA HEAD CHA LA Instrumental

Syokudaikakkokai 2nd maxi single [Kimi o Kaden ni Shite Ageru] (I’ll Make You an Appliance)

shokudaikakkokai (1)

“So that even if I stood frozen yesterday, I can stand up today…” Syokudaikakkokai, the group that looks like no more than your everyday behind-the-times salaryman band from deep in the world of white face paint, returns with new canon that surpasses their previous release, [Kagurazaka EXPLOSION]! Sobbing corporate slaves and sneering brutes… We’ll make you into appliances too!

01. Tobiorita boku wa terebitou ni tsukisasaru
02. Reizouko no nakade…
03. Omaemo kaden ni shiteyarouka
04. Kimi wo kaden ni shiteageru
05. Akumano Kajitsu

July 12, 2015 at the live venue
August 26, 2015 in stores
CD number: SWSD-3
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 1,296yen (tax in)

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European Release for UNiTE through Gan-Shin

Marble_main Kopie

UNiTE. have rocked the Visual Kei scene since 2011 and today is the day their new album “UNiVERSE” is released both in Europe and Japan on the same day.

This is UNiTE.’s 4th album overall but first for Europe release.
UNiTE. is a 5 piece band consisting of Yui (vocal), Shiina Mio (guitar), LiN (guitar), Haku (bass) and Sana (drums). Their music is a mixture of hip tunes and rhythms, that make you want to move your feet, and they never fail to spice up their sound with harder metal-like elements.

UNiTE - UNiVERSE - Artwork


1 universe
4 Zouka to uso
5 My ironical
6 Kaisou
7 l8r
8 ice
9 Chicken riddle
11 time SICKness
12 —Kiritorisen—
13 Marble
15 Yakusoku – Pf arrange

Ling tosite sigure and with New Releases in the Wake of UK performances

Ling tosite sigure


Japan’s breakthrough guitar act Ling tosite sigure (凛として時雨) will release their first ‘best of’ album internationally through JPU Records on 7 August, following their performance at JAPAN NIGHT at Indigo2 in London on Saturday 11 July 2015.

Entitled Best of Tornado, the 14-track album features songs spanning the trio’s 10+ year career, from their early self-released album and EPs to their recent chart topping album still a Sigure virgin and last year’s i’mperfect. Each track has been brought up to date by being brilliant re-mastered by Metropolis Studio’s John Davis (Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood, the Prodigy).


Best of Tornado Tracklist
01. JPOP Xfile
02. Telecastic fake show
03. abnormalize
04. illusion is mine
05. Souzou no Security
07. moment A rhythm
08. Beautiful Circus
09. I was music
10. Azayaka na Satsujin
11. Telecaster no Shinjitsu
12. nakano kill you
13. Enigmatic Feeling
14. Missing ling
15. Boukan

Best of Tornado will be available in the UK and Europe from 8 July 2015 digitally from Amazon MP3 and iTunes, and available on CD in the territory from 7 August 2015, it can be pre ordered here


Japan’s alternative idol group has confirmed the international release of their album W.W.D.D. through London’s JPU Records, following their first UK performances at HYPER JAPAN at The O2 on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July 2015.

When originally released, W.W.D.D. reached number three in Japan’s Oricon Album Charts, where the six all-girl unit has held huge headline arena shows, including the Nippon Budokan, National Yoyogi Stadium’s First Gymnasium, as well as appearances at Japan’s major rock festivals, despite their pop aesthetics.

A number of tracks on the album have been written by prominent figures in the Japanese rock industry, including Tamaya 2060% of punk group Wienners, NAOTO from popular hip-hop rock act ORANGE RANGE, and anime theme composer and video game music remixer Kenichi Maeyamada amongst many more.


W.W.D.D. Tracklist:
01. Dempa na Sekai ~ It’s a dempa world ~
02. Dempari Night
03. Dance Dance Dance
05. FD2 ~Raison d’etre Daibouken~
06. Chururi Chururira
07. Mamonaku, ga Ririku Itashimasu
08. Dear Stage e Youkoso
09. Bari3 Republic
10. Fancy Hoppe U FU FU
11. Lemon Iro
12. Brandnew World
13. Irodori Sekai
14. Sakura Apparation

W.W.D.D. on CD will include a 28-page full colour photo and lyric booklet and will be available first at HYPER JAPAN, ahead of its official retail release from 7 August 2015. Digitally, the album is out now on iTunes and will be made available from other digital download and streaming services shortly.