European Release for UNiTE through Gan-Shin

Marble_main Kopie

UNiTE. have rocked the Visual Kei scene since 2011 and today is the day their new album “UNiVERSE” is released both in Europe and Japan on the same day.

This is UNiTE.’s 4th album overall but first for Europe release.
UNiTE. is a 5 piece band consisting of Yui (vocal), Shiina Mio (guitar), LiN (guitar), Haku (bass) and Sana (drums). Their music is a mixture of hip tunes and rhythms, that make you want to move your feet, and they never fail to spice up their sound with harder metal-like elements.

UNiTE - UNiVERSE - Artwork


1 universe
4 Zouka to uso
5 My ironical
6 Kaisou
7 l8r
8 ice
9 Chicken riddle
11 time SICKness
12 —Kiritorisen—
13 Marble
15 Yakusoku – Pf arrange

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