MUCC new Mini-Album “T.R.E.N.D.Y.”


After rocking Europe on their Tour 2015 “F#CK THE PAST F#CK THE FUTURE”, MUCC one of Japans most successful rock bands is delighting their fans once more with their new mini – album ,, T.R.E.N.D.Y. – Paradise from 1997 -“. The latest album is going to be released almost simultaneously with Japan and will contain a lot of songs MUCC also played during their tour. Those songs already made people scream and shout from Moskow to Essen to London, as well as dance and clap their hands from Paris, to Berlin to Krakow. Get ready for 7 new and great songs.

MUCC - TRENDY - Paradise from 1997- - Artwork
The European Edition sports nice packaging and an extra booklet with the English translation of the lyrics and has 7 great songs on it:
1) Suiren
2) Dfd (Dreamer from Darkness)
3) B.L.U.E Tell me KAFKA
4) Hater
5) Rainbow
6) Rendez-Vous
7) Tonight
We’re sure you guys already know some of them from the tour because MUCC couldn’t resist to perform them live!

Last but not least “T.R.E.N.D.Y. -Paradise from 1997-” will be available:
– at the download stores of your choice on June 24th 2015 (same day as in Japan)
– on July 3rd 2015 in Germany and France
– on July 10th 2015 in the UK and for pre-order for all other countries.

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