Magistina Saga 4th mini-album [Allium] on sale July 8, 2015

magistinasaga (1)

“Do those feelings make you stronger, or weaker?”
Magistina Saga’s 4th mini-album contains 6 tracks including the previously unreleased [Shiro], plus a music video featuring the band’s new costumes. The album’s musical arrangements express a new color never before seen since Magistina Saga’s beginnings, each laying open a world view on intersecting feelings between men and women using a different theme. As with their previous release, production and sound arrangement are provided by Yuu of THE SOUND BEE HD. Pre-sales will begin at the sponsored live show at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 on June 16, 2015!

01. wor/d
03. Hakari ni kakeru utsuwa
04. Invisible wall
05. Shiro
06. intertwine

01. Invisible wall (MV)

June 16, 2015: available for pre-sale at live venues
July 8, 2015: on sale in stores
Disc number: SWMS-5
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 2,484yen (tax in)
Format: CD+DVD 2-disc set
Limit 1000 copies

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New Album from T.M. Revolution

TMR artist photo

The long-awaited new album by T.M. Revolution
TEN is a commemorative 10th album, after 4 years since his last release, “CLOUD NINE”. T.M. Revolution has established his reputation with his catchy tracks, fascinating perfected concerts, and overwhelming live performances. He consecutively released monstrous hits in Japan and performed songs for various popular Anime.

The album includes the following hit singles and will be released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on May 22th 2015. In Italy, Portugal & Spain on May 25th; in Sweden, Finland, Norway, BeNeLux & Poland on May 29th and in the UK & France on June 1st 2015.
“FLAGS”: opening song for ‘Sengoku BASARA: The Last party’
“The party must go on”: ending song for ‘Sengoku BASARA: The Last Party’
“AMAKAZE”: main theme for ‘Ray Gigant’
“Summer Blizzard”: commercial song for LOTTE ‘ZEUS’ (chewing gum)
“HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS ~Get the Power~”: Japanese image song for US drama series ‘Revolution’
“COUNT ZERO”: opening song for ‘Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi’
“Tsuki yabureru – Time to SMASH!”: opening song for TV animation series ‘Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers’
“Thread of fate”: ending song for TV animation series ‘Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers’

TM Revolution - TEN - ArtworkTracklist
1. The ether
4. Tsukiyabureru-Time to SMASH!
5. Thread of fate
6. HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS ~Get the Power~
7. Summer Blizzard
8. Salvage
9. Dream Crusader
10. Phantom Pain
12. Count ZERO
14. The party must go on
15. The edge of Heaven & Revolution
16. Tsukiyabureru-Time to SMASH (Re:boot) (突キ破レル-Time to SMASH ! (Re:boot))
17. Thread of fate (Re:boot)

HYPER JAPAN Festival – 10th – 12th July 2015


HYPER JAPAN Festival: a Summer Fiesta of Japanese Music and Culture at The O2!
The UK’s greatest celebration of Japanese culture, music, cuisine and entertainment is hosting its biggest ever party this summer. In the true spirit of its prestigious London venue, The O2, this year’s HYPER JAPAN Festival will showcase a dazzling line-up of musical performers from Japan, in addition to popular gaming and anime titles, a wide assortment of traditional booths, family friendly activities and delicious Japanese cuisine. Get ready for a festival like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!
HYPER Live Area
This summer’s event will feature the first live concert house in HYPER JAPAN history, where an unmissable line-up of Japanese artists will perform over the weekend. Prominent among them are video game and cosplay-loving idol group, and anime music singer Eir Aoi of “Sword Art Online” and “Kill la Kill” fame. Tokyo Girls’ Style, LOST ASH, TOMOCA, Heisei Kotohime, VANIRU, ILU GRACE, Less than Love, Die Milch and May J add their talent to this all-star musical guest list.


Tickets cost £13 for the Friday and Saturday sessions, and £16 for the Sunday session
Children aged 10 and under go free on Friday, aged 5 and under go free every day
To book tickets and for more information visit:

Twitter: @hyperjapanevent

New Band X’MAS Join European Label HIGHFeel


X’MAS (X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus) was started by the band’s guitarist CHARLIE and his friends back in 2013, in the city of Yokohama, Japan. The guys had known each other for years, as they had previously played together in several different bands (like STUD, STAB, and others), and had performed for many events and festivals before finally creating X’MAS.
They describe their sound as « Loud Heavy Rock n’ Roll ».
The 4 « Alcoholic Santaclauses » want their music to bring something special and joyful to people all over the world.
X’MAS is also involved with several other activities, like CHARLIE’s own project “KAKEJIKU” and a collaboration with the Japanese fashion brand “KUSTOMSTYLE”.

yu-ta_Dr (ex.DELTA THROB ex.STAB)

HIGHFeel have made a promise of announcements, regarding upcoming  shows with local bands for later in the year, to come soon…

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