IMMORTALIS out soon across Europe

sukekiyo group photo

DIR EN GREY vocalist kyo set up a tremendous line-up to give birth to his solo project: sukekiyo. Formed in 2013, sukekiyo members are kyo (DIR EN GREY), TAKUMI (ex-RENTRER EN SOI), UTA (ex-9GOATS BLACK OUT), YUCHI (kannivalism) and MIKA (ex-RENTRER EN SOI). Expectations have been huge right from the start, but sukekiyo did not fail to meet those and even surpasses them. kyo’s unique style is omnipresent in every single note which leads to a distracted, dark and vivid sound that will mesmerize their listeners.

Their first album IMMORTALIS hit no.1 in the Japanese charts and will be released in Europe digital on June 6th and physical on the 4th of July. After a completely sold out Japan tour, the band will now also come to Europe for a select number of very exclusive and intimate live shows. This tour is the rare chance to discover the genius musical vision of kyo closer than ever before!

sukekiyo - IMMORTALIS - Artwork


1 elisabeth addict
2 destrudo
3 latour
4 nine melted fiction
5 zephyr
6 hidden one
7 aftermath
8 uyuu no sora
9 the daemon’s cutlery
10 scars like velvet
11 mama
12 vandal
13 hemimetabolism
14 kugui
15 madara ningen
16 in all weathers

Show Dates:

13.09.2014 – PIPL Club – Moscow
15.09.2014 – Nosturi – Helsinki
17.09.2014 – Divan Du Monde – Paris
18.09.2014 – O2 Academy Islington – London
20.09.2014 – Columbia Club – Berlin
21.09.2014 – Zeche – Bochum