SANA on Tour of Europe for the first time!


From 28th march of 2014, SANA – guitarist of popular in 2000s, but disbanded japanese visual kei band MASK, and current guitarist of Kain, will go to his first solo tour in Europe! European fans of Japanese music already met him last year, during EU tour of famous Japanese singer Satsuki, when SANA played with him as a support-guitarist.

Since released in 2006 solo-album “Hitoribochi” in Japan, SANA dreamed to release his songs and music worldwide, and now his dream come true! Promoting European editions of new single “ism” SANA will visit 8 countries and 16 cities during “Synesthesia” tour.


* March 28th – Odessa, Ukraine @ Cardan Club

* March 30th – Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine @ RK Club

* April 2nd – Sofia, Bulgaria @ Club Mixtape 5

* April 4th – Donetsk, Ukraine @ Kunderbunt Club

* April 5th – Moscow, Russia @ SEVEN Club

* April 6th – Nizhny Novgorod, Russia @ Sin City Club

* April 8th – Saint Petersburg, Russia @ Dada Club

* April 9th – Rostov-on-Don, Russia @ Tochka Club

* April 12th – Lyon, France @ Japan Touch Haru

* April 13th – Kharkov, Ukraine @ JARA Club

* April 15th – Luhansk, Ukraine @ R-CLUB

* April 19th – Almaty, Kazakhstan @ Kotodom Club

* April 20th – Kyiv, Ukraine @ Rainbow Club

* April 24th – Wroclaw, Poland @ Lykend Club

* April 25th – Furstenfeldbruck, Germany @ Animuc 2014

* April 26th – Grenade, Spain @ FicZone

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